REPEAT | Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

REPEAT is essentially a Pure Gym that looks like Equinox. As you would expect from the Danes, everything from the branding, to the design and decor of the studio has been cleverly thought through without the price tag that comes with luxury gyms. The gym floor is cleverly lit, spacious and user-friendly. The self-practice sound-proof yoga studio, on the other hand, features a choose-your-own virtual yoga teacher guiding you through your vinyasa A-Zs.

It’s a gym-junkie’s playground – it has a complete rig, all the latest equipment and multiples of benches, squat racks and dumbbells.

It’s also open 24/7, so there really aren’t any excuses here.


Price: Free guest pass for first timers / 49 kr. per visit (pay as you go) or 49 kr. (weekly)

Amenities: Bring your own towel and toiletries – they don’t sell them. Bring a padlock with you if you have valuables. Free wifi available.

Address: Åboulevard 58, 2200 København N


Instagram: @repeatfitnessdk


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