Sweat By BXR | Marylebone, London

The latest studio to hit London might be beautifully designed, but their infamous Versa Climber workout is downright filthy – dirty beats and all the sweat that comes with the workout. The machine takes a while to get used to but with the right resistance and speed, you can burn anywhere between 300-600 calories in 45 minutes. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a pool of sweat around your machine. They’ve also launched an Endurance class to train people for their vertical mile challenge. Personally I prefer this class because there’s more attention to technique and pacing, which you don’t get in the climb to the beat class.

Their boxing classes (Skills) are similar to 1Rebel’s Rumble and Another_Space’s HIIT, only more structured (each day focuses on a different punch and technique – jab/straight Mondays, hook Tuesdays, uppercut Wednesdays etc).

I also tried their S&C class but only as part of their halloween event, so I can’t be 100% sure if the class is normally structured the same way every time. The first 15 minutes were spent on mobility using the foam roller, making sure no pressure point is left untouched, before tackling a 20 minute, 6 station, partnered circuit, followed by a core finisher as a group. We spent two sets at each station to make sure we were able to make adjustments for the second set if the first wasn’t challenging enough. 

Now that you’ve seen the photos, you’ve heard about the versa climbers and you’re dying to try it, but worried that it will be pricey as hell. Unlike BXR, the parent gym, Sweat By BXR offers a SWEAT 30 membership that offers you classes for as little as £6 and access to the main gym floor once a week. I’m all over this!

Sweat index: 7 (Boxing/S&C) and 10 (Climb To The Beat/Endurance)

Classes: Boxing, Strength and Conditioning, Climb To The Beat and Endurance (using the Versa Climber)

Price: £30 for a single class

Amenities: The most beautiful changing rooms around. Slick design, flattering lighting, Malin + Goetz toiletries and thick and fluffy towels provided. Head to the steam room and sauna while you’re at it too.

Address: Chiltern Street, London W1U (Entrance on Paddington Street)

Website: https://bxrlondon.com/sweat-by-bxr/

Instagram: @sweatbybxr


Featuring @natvoyle, @gymbratcat and @the.fitt.test


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