UN1T | London Bridge/Fulham, London

UN1T’s the perfect place to get harder, better, faster, stronger.

They might not have the poshest amenities but the workouts are hardcore and the trainers really know their shit and put their heart into it. What I love most is the people who train here – unprecious, hardworking and genuine. I’ve met some of the fittest people here!

They offer strength, cardio and mobility classes, because athletes like us should excel all around, and each class is complementary to each other (more hip mobility, better squats!). Their Ally class has you relaying in pairs and their signature Trooper class is famous for reasons you should experience yourself. Their newest class, PB (Personal Best), combines the best of their strength and cardio classes in one.

I cannot recommend this place enough – it’s done wonders for me and got many PBs (110kg deadlift, 1:40 rower, 1:45 ski erg and hopefully more to come) here!


Sweat index: 1 for Yoga for Athletes, 5-6 for strength classes (Entity, Legion, Force etc), 10 for cardio classes (my favourites Trooper, Ally, Grind, Regiment etc)

Classes: Strength, Cardio and Mobility (Yoga for Athletes) – I recommend booking earlier if you’re looking to go to their 7/7:50 am classes, it gets booked up very quickly!

Price: 7 days for £20 for first timers / £20 for a single class

Amenities: The changing rooms in London bridge are quite small (only 2 showers!) but they do have Cowshed toiletries. Better and newer showers in Fulham. Shower towels are free, but £1 if you’re on the 7 day trial.

Address: London Bridge: 140 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LB

Fulham: 132 Wandsworth Bridge Road, London, SW6 2UL

Website: http://www.unitlondon.co.uk/

Instagram: @un1t_londonbridge / @un1t_fulham


Featuring @gymbratcat and @beckyhelpsy

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