Ride Republic | Fulham, London

This might be what heaven and hell look like together in one studio. Beautiful studio in a quaint neighbourhood in Fulham, but oh, that Burn Board. The Burn Board projects your live score and position throughout the class to make you work harder than you ever have before (you can also opt out – but why would you?). The workout is a good mix of cycling-to-the-beat and cycling for performance, they have great tunes and all of the resistance to get your heartrate up. Ban‘s class is particularly tough. After a heavy, sweaty session there, refuel at the nearby Whole Foods Fulham.

They’ve most recently rejoined Classpass, so what are you waiting for?


Sweat index: 9 for BURN 45

Classes: Spinning (BURN 45 / Ultra Burn – no arms track to rest your legs) and strength and conditioning (CORE 45)

Price: 3 for £30 for first timers / Available on Classpass

Amenities: Cycling cleats, Bamford toiletries, lockers and towels provided. Plenty of individual shower cubicles.

Address: 709 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5UL

Website: https://riderepublic.co.uk

Instagram: @riderepublic

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