Crossfit Shapesmiths | Clapham Junction, London

With all due respect to the NHS, I think there should be a campaign to get that unnecessarily massive health centre sign at Clapham Junction removed because behind it is a gem of a Crossfit gym, the sign’s been hiding it for too long. This place had me hooked, and changed my perceptions of Crossfit – it wasn’t full of grunting meatheads, instead I was warmly welcomed by owner Lee and the rest of the class. The sense of community here was strong and everyone was very supportive of each other in class.

We dedicated our time to practicing our box jump technique, then doing a gruelling WOD that saw us running laps, followed by rounds of surfer pop ups (deceivingly tough, especially when you know you have to run 1600m after doing 48 of these). The only inconvenience, albeit minor, is that the running happens right outside the station so you spend a lot of time dodging unaware people staring at their phones.

I promised I would be back, and that promise still holds true!


Sweat index: 7-10 depending on the WOD

Classes: CrossFit WOD classes and open gym

Price: Free first class for first timers / memberships available

Amenities: Basic toiletries provided.

Address: Unit 3, Grant Rd, London, SW11 2NU


Instagram: @crossfit_shapesmiths

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