Frame | King’s Cross/Victoria, London

Frame has an incredibly diverse range of classes to choose from, so you will find yourself punching it out at Box and Bell one minute and learning the choreography to Beyonce’s Single Ladies another. 5 studios across London to make sure you get your sweat in. You can also catch them at Lululemon’s second Sweatlife festival this year.

I didn’t think the workouts at Frame were for me (I did pilates, yoga and Boxfit but I didn’t feel challenged) but if you’re into dance (sadly I’m not gifted) or more choreographed workouts this would be perfect for you. Not to say I didn’t like the studios though – they were nicely decorated and the staff were very friendly!

Sweat index: 1-5 (reformer pilates – boxfit)

Classes: Dance, barre, yoga, reformer pilates, cardio/HIIT classes, TRX…

Price: Pricing depends on the class / Available on Classpass

Amenities: Basic toiletries provided. Shower towels are £1. Lockers available at the Victoria studio (I haven’t been to the Queen’s Park or Shoreditch studios though, so don’t take my word for it)

Address: Victoria: 4 Bridge Place, Victoria, SW1V 1JZ

King’s Cross: Arthouse, 1 York Way, London N1C 4AS, United Kingdom


Instagram: @moveyourframe

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