Core Collective | Kensington, London

Whether you’re into getting your om or sweat on, Core Collective’s got you covered. They offer a range of holistic to high-intensity workouts, including their signature Velocity and Accelerate classes. As you might expect from its neighbourhood, the studio is lush and the clientele is upmarket.


Their signature circuit class. Each instructor has their own style and therefore different levels of difficulty/intensity – Max tends to add gymnastics-inspired stations into his circuits and you can expect a lot of agility drills in Dom’s class.


Cycling to the beat doesn’t always have to be all dancey and no substance (most other cycling-to-the-beat classes don’t have monitors so you can’t tell how much resistance you’re putting on/what wattage you’re doing). Accelerate gets you spinning to the rhythm of the music while also targeting a specific RPM/resistance range. It’s a toughie!


A good mix of cardio and strength training using the TRX. In my experience, the level of difficulty and intensity varies depending on the instructor. For me, this class could be more challenging.

Power Yoga

The class is challenging and the instructors offer plenty of beginner/advanced options for those who need it. The only downside is that the studio is not designed for it – the walls are not sound proof enough.


One of their newest 55 min classes, split into 3 sections – cardio, strength and circuit. Cardio is done with hurdles a la Tonehouse, think one two steps and jumps followed by sprints. Strength was a series of AMRAP and EMOM. Finally the circuit was a mix of EMOM, set rep/cal work and rowing, 4 stations, 4 minutes each. It’s a good class if you’re looking for variety and a full body workout!

It’s also a hop, skip and a jump away from the new Design Museum if you fancy a day trip out.


Sweat index: 1-8 (from Power Yoga to Accelerate)

Classes: Velocity (circuits), Accelerate (spinning), Resistance (TRX), Power Yoga (dynamic vinyasa), Mat Pilates, Sculpt (barre)

Price: £20 for a class for first timers / £28 for a single class / Available on Classpass and Dibs

Amenities: Luxury on tap – thick towels, Malin + Goetz toiletries and GHD straighteners provided. No cycling cleats provided for Accelerate – bring your own or just wear your trainers. Mats provided for yoga and pilates. Changing rooms are quite small so they can get very busy in the morning.

Address: 45 Phillimore Walk, Kensington, London W8 7RZ


Instagram: @corecollective

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