Fierce Grace | Brixton/Old Street, London

Hot girls, hot boys and hot yoga at 6 studios across London. Fierce Grace is Bikram yoga but cooler and tougher. They offer a range of classes suited for every need (if you’re short on time, go for Fix; if you’re injured, go for SOB; if you just want to sweat a lot and get a great workout in, go for Classic or Fierce Grace). They also offer Wild, a cardio-yoga class, but IMO it wasn’t my cup of tea, I didn’t feel challenged like the Warm Vinyasa Flow class at Triyoga.

I love the studio in Brixton, conveniently located next to Brixton Village in case you wanted to grab a bite or drink afterwards. The clientele is generally younger and more energetic than other traditional hot yoga studios.

Personally I wasn’t a fan of their Shoreditch studio, it was much older than Brixton and I didn’t have a good experience with the staff there, but I may have just been unlucky. A small tip: if you can’t take high heat, take your mat to the far end of the room (right side of the room, facing the instructor), near the doors to the backroom. If you’re a daredevil, go for the back of the room, by the walls.

Sweat index: 8-10 (they also do a warm class if you’re not feeling like going for the real deal)

Classes: Classic (90 min, 39 poses), Deep Core (75 min, slow class to realign and stretch), Fierce Grace (90 min, their signature class), The Beast (1 hr 45 min, intermediate/advanced class), Fix (50 min, condensed version of everything), Wild (60 min, cardio-yoga), SOB (75 min, modified Fix class for beginners and the injured)

Price: £39 for 20/30 days of unlimited yoga for first timers (number of days varies by studio) / Available on Classpass

Amenities: Mats are £1 and shower towels are £1.50. Open showers in the ladies’ changing rooms (no cubicles!). Bring your own toiletries. Changing rooms can get very busy during peak hours.

Address: Brixton: 372A Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8PL

City: 53-55 East Rd, London N1 6AH


Instagram: @fiercegraceyoga

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