Hotpod Yoga | Brixton/Notting Hill, London

Ever wondered what doing hot yoga in a cocoon would be like? Step into Hotpod Yoga’s inflatable cocoon, heated to 37 degrees Celsius, for your next vinyasa flow. It’s not as hot as traditional hot yoga, so it allows you to do a dynamic flow with inversions without feeling like you’re about to pass out. You’ll be welcomed by lovely staff at the new Brixton location. A hidden gem in Brixton, I’d definitely recommend doing it here instead of Notting Hill (it smells a bit funky because it’s been open for longer!).


Sweat index: 8 (it’s not as hot and messy as Bikram yoga)

Classes: Hotpod Flow (Dynamic Vinyasa), Nurture Flow (Restorative)

Price: £15 for one week unlimited for first timers. £14 for a single class, memberships available – reasonably priced! Also available on Classpass.

Amenities: Lockers, mats and toiletries provided. Towels are £2. Showers are lovely and brand new!

Address: Brixton: 40 St Matthew’s Road, Brixton, London, SW2 1NL

They have two other branches in London, Notting Hill and Hackney. They also have plenty of other locations in the rest of the UK.


Instagram: @hotpodyoga

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