ONE LDN | Imperial Wharf, London

Whether you’re into classes or like doing your own thing, One Ldn has it all. Their Imperial Wharf gym has plenty of space, equipment and boxing ring to suit your every need.

Update: Their Tower Hill studio recently closed down – what a shame! Read below in honour of their brilliant classes and trainers:

Hip Hop Hot Yoga

For the yogi who wants a bit more groove in their flow. Set to a mild heat, hip hop hot yoga at One Ldn allows you to flow through your vinyasa without feeling like you’re going to pass out, but hot enough to make you a sweaty mess. Expect involuntary head bobbing during the brilliant Tameka and Jamal‘s classes.

Strength & Conditioning

WODs with plenty of box jumps, rowing and strength work on the rig. Just like KOBOX and Barry’s, you can book your own spot – either starting on the wall (depending on the workout, starting on the rower) or rig (strength), switching after each set. Every workout is different, but here’s an example of what you can expect:

Wall: 3 min warm up row – 500m beginner, 650m intermediate, 800m advanced
Rig: Inchworms, prisoner squats etc.

Wall: 8 min AMRAP of 200m row/10 press ups/10 TRX squat jumps
Rig: 8 min AMRAP of 10 landmine push presses/10 plate rows/5 box jumps

Core conditioning
Cool down

Expect lots of cussing and sweating during the workouts – Shannon, Courtney and Kim will work you to the ground.


Muay Thai

I was lucky enough to have Daniel all to myself on a Wednesday morning, so this turned into a Muay Thai pt session. There wasn’t much of a break as we worked between drills, core conditioning and padwork, both combos and freestyle with attention to form. This class is done barefoot as you would do in Muay Thai. I highly recommend this class!


Sweat index: 7-10 (Hip Hop Hot Yoga, to Muay Thai, to Strength & Conditioning)

Classes: Hip Hop Hot Yoga, Strength & Conditioning, Boxing/Muay Thai

Price: £20 for 40 credits (equivalent of 2 classes) for first timers. £20 for 20 credits. Also available on Classpass.

Amenities: Lockers, towels, boxing gloves and toiletries provided.

Address: Tower Hill studio: Corner of 66 Prescot Street and St Marks Street, London E1 8HG (Closest tube Tower Hill or Aldgate East) – Now closed

Imperial Wharf gym: Imperial Wharf, The Boulevard, London, SW6 2UB


Instagram: @onestudioldn

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