F45 Farringdon/Tottenham Court Road | Farringdon/Soho, London

F45 is taking London by storm – there are at least 10 studios due to launch in London later this year. The new flagship studio in Tottenham Court Road may have only opened in March, but it has already built a close-knit community around it. The studio is bright and has a lovely lounge space, but the gym area is slightly awkward with pillars in the way of the workouts at times.

The newest studio in Farringdon, on the other hand, is spacious and has already built a close-knit community around it. The studio can be quite tricky to find – it’s not actually on Cowcross street, you need to go around the building to the other side to get to it.


As you would expect from F45, the workouts come as standard and the trainers are very welcoming and can cater to all levels of fitness.

They also do a global F45 challenge – an 8-week challenge that aims to get you to the best shape possible. They provide meal plans, a 45-point system to keep you accountable and a great support group for when your colleagues tempt you with birthday cake at work. Personally I enjoyed the experience, the diet itself might not be entirely sustainable but I learnt a lot about nutrition and what my body reacts to in those 8 weeks.

Sweat index: 4-7 depending on the class

Classes: Cardio (Athletica, Loyals…) and strength (Romans, Panthers…) – the usual F45 culprits!

Price: £20 for one week trial for first timers. £25 per single class, memberships available.

Amenities: Towels and basic toiletries provided at the Farringdon branch. Towels are £2 at Tottenham Court Road. No lockers but they have shelves for your belongings.

Address: Tottenham Court Road: 114-115 Tottenham Court Rd, Bloomsbury, London W1T 5AH

Farringdon: Denmark House, Basement, 9-13 Cowcross St, London EC1M 6DR

Website: http://f45training.co.uk

Instagram: @f45_tottenhamcourtroad / @f45_farringdon

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