Lomax | Chelsea, London

A well-known celeb-spotting gym in Chelsea offering personal training, small group classes and spinning. They also sell their own supplements. Their Grill Market cafe does excellent brunch and protein shakes, perfect for your post-workout refuel.

Blast Class

Their strength and conditioning class with a few cardio drills thrown in here and there. You’ll find yourself switching between exercises on the floor, bench, barbell and TRX. The max class size is 8, so you can load on the weight safely and learn proper technique.

Cycle Blast

A spinning-to-the-beat cycle class. I’m not a fan. The bikes are old and ventilation is awful in the basement. Shame because some instructors put a lot of effort in their classes!

Is Chelsea too far west for you? They most recently opened a mini studio in the city for city slickers, in partnership with Cocoon Networks.

Booty Class

This class was born out of the “booty-building” trend in recent years – 60 minutes of glute activation and building exercises. This class also brings lots of benefits to other aspects of training given the time spent on glute activation, which we don’t get to do often/forget to do before launching ourselves onto the toughest circuits. Maria was lovely and made sure everyone felt comfortable with their form in a group environment. Don’t expect much sweat from this class though – it’s a slow burner.


Sweat index: 5-6

Classes: Blast Class (strength and conditioning), Cycle Blast (spinning), Booty Class (glute Strength) amongst others

Price: First class for free and first small group PT class for £10 for first timers. £20 per single class. Also available on Classpass.

Amenities: Lockers, towels and Ren toiletries provided. No bike cleats are required for Cycle Blast, but you can bring your own.

Address: Lomax Chelsea: 293 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9PZ

Lomax Cocoon: Cocoon Networks London, 4 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS

Website: https://www.lomaxpt.com

Instagram: @thelomaxway

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