Overthrow Boxing | Brooklyn, New York

Two studios for maximum sweat – New York (Nomad) and their latest addition, Brooklyn (Williamsburg). The new studio used to be a bar, so the place is ridiculously cool and decorated – plenty of photo ops. The staff and instructors are lovely and will make sure you have a good time. Fleur was great.

The workout itself was a combination of bodyweight drills, partner work and bag work. Not much technique involved, and I felt that the intensity could have been higher – it felt a little style over substance. That said, the class I did might have been an exception, so I would still give their Ring class a try next time, hopefully with more luck.

Sweat index: 6-7

Classes: Underground Boxing (bag work) and Ring (footwork, technique in the ring) classes

Price: $89 for 3 classes, also available on Classpass.

Amenities: 2 showers, towels and toiletries but no hair dryers. Bring your own wraps, if not they sell them too. They provide gloves.

Address: New York – 9 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012

Brooklyn – 256 Grand Street and Roebling, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Website: https://overthrownyc.com

Instagram: @overthrownewyork


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