SoulCycle | Brooklyn Heights, New York

I couldn’t leave NYC without visiting SoulCycle at least once, so I crammed in a ride before my 7-hour flight home. Frankly, dancing on a bike isn’t my idea of a hardcore workout, but it was a nice way to finish off my trip to NYC. The original “party on a bike” was to be expected as it has been imitated by many studios around the world, but it’s only proof that it works.

The Brooklyn Heights studio was smaller than the more centrally located studios, but there were plenty of showers to go around.


Sweat index: 7-10

Classes: SoulCycle (45 minutes), SoulSurvivor (60 minutes), SoulChallenge (90 minutes), Community Ride (free class with their newest instructors), SoulWarrior (apparently you can go on the instructor podium), SoulTeen (for teens) and Soul101 (for beginners)

Price: $20 for your first class.

Amenities: Showers, towels, toiletries and hair dryers provided.

Address: They’re all over NYC so I won’t bother listing them! They can be found here:


Instagram: @soulcycle


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