Mile High Run Club Nomad | Nomad, New York

Well-ventilated, equipped with Woodway treadmills and taught by elite runners, this is the perfect studio for runners and non-runners alike. It’s a lot of running, but it’s far from boring – think speed and hill intervals at different paces. Expect longer intervals and mid effort endurance work over short sprints, max effort. Short and long distance runners can use this to increase power and work on difference paces. I’m not great at pacing myself when it comes to longer distances, so this was perfect. The playlist and coaching were brilliant, there wasn’t a single moment of boredom or monotony despite it being a running-only class.

The sleek Nomad studio is also very close to Y7 and Anya if you fancy a post-run stretch, or refuel at Madison Square Eats or Eataly. They also have a second studio in NoHo.

Sweat index: 8-10

Classes: Dash 28 (28 minutes of running and resistance work with kettlebells), High 45 (45 minutes of straight up running), Dirty 30 (30 minutes of running), The Distance (their advanced performance improving class, 60 minutes of running), Dash Core (28 minutes of running and core strength training), Outdoor adventure run and Track Tuesdays

Price: $18 for a single class, available on Classpass. Other membership options available. They even have an 18-week NYC marathon training programme on offer.

Amenities: Showers, towels, toiletries, mints, plasters (for those blisters runners are all too familiar with) and hair dryers provided.

Address: Nomad: 24 W 25th St. NY, NY 10010

Noho: 28 E 4th ST. NY, NY 10003


Instagram: @milehighrunclub


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