KXU | Sloane Square, London

KXU is the latest luxury addition to the London fitness scene, following their mother club’s, KX in South Kensington, footsteps. Featuring 3 studios, a cafe and spa on a quiet street by the busy Sloane Square and King’s Road. Needless to say, KXU boasts high-end equipment and facilities, leaving you begging for more as you daydream about living the high life.

The trainers have serious experience under their belt, most have taught at other popular London studios and know how far they can push you. Look out for Laura, Ali, Rory and Anna-Maria.


A circuit-based class. You’ll do a combination of strength and bodyweight moves. You won’t find yourself huffing and puffing for breath but you will feel all the DOMS the next day. I didn’t find this massively difficult but it was a good sweat.

Vinyasa Flow

I was lucky enough to have the studio all to myself and the instructor, so all the focus was on me! Not your usual vinyasa flow, more focus on breathing and lots of adjustments. The studio was built for an escape – beautiful lighting, perfect temperature and good sound proofing.


Your Barry’s-style class with a twist – be prepared for TRX moves on the floor and endurance runs on Woodway treadmills. Alex tends to do a 3 minute challenge at the end so you can track your progress.


Similar to Accelerate at Core Collective and Ride Republic – spinning to the beat of the music but you’re still held accountable by that leaderboard at the front – although your stats are not saved anywhere. It would be great if they provided cycling cleats and allowed you to create a profile to track your stats.


Boxing with Simi was great – she gave tips to beginners and advanced students alike. Like KOBOX and HIIT at AS, you’ll find yourself alternating between punching your own bag and doing conditioning moves on the floor. The moves between combinations were quite tame – mostly bodyweight – but the finisher on the treadmills on dynamic mode were brutal.

Sweat index: 1 (yoga) – 10 (HIIT&Run/U-Cycle)

Classes: Meta-KX (circuits), The Games (Strongman), HIIT&Run (Running), Paola’s BodyBarre (Barre), U-Cycle (Spinning), NOK-OUT (boxing), yoga

Price: £24 for a single class, restricted timetable available on Classpass.

Amenities: Showers, towels, toiletries, hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs (I’m in love with them) provided.

Address: 241 Pavilion Road, London SW1X 0BR

Website: https://www.kxu.co.uk

Instagram: @kxulondon


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