Power of Boxing | Lambeth/Battersea, London

If you’re looking for a serious, no-frills boxing gym with lots of personal attention and caring trainers, look no further. Power of Boxing offers high intensity boxing classes at two exceptional boxing gyms with long charitable history – Fitzroy Lodge and Carney’s Community. Part of the proceeds from each class go to Carney’s Community, so you’re doing good just by training with them!

I tried their Boxing Blitz class at Fitzroy Lodge, which is London’s oldest boxing gym quietly tucked away under the arches of a bridge. I met Rupert, who gave me an overview of what to expect from the class – this was also sent by email a few hours before the class started, listing the objectives and run down of the class as well as who is starting where. There’s something quite military about the structure of the class, it’s what makes it stand out from other gyms. 

After the warm up, the class is divided into 4 sections followed by a core finisher and cool down – bag work, pad work in the rings, cardio machines and circuits, rotating between each section within the hour. What took me by surprise was the number of trainers they had per class – they had about 8 trainers across the class, making sure you get the most out of your workout.

Our trainer on the bags took us through combinations, alternating between speed and power. We then moved into the two rings where we did pad work between 4-6 different trainers. You don’t normally get this much one-to-one attention in your average boxing class, so this was refreshing (and tough!). It also means that they can cater to all levels. 

Once we got out of the rings, we each chose a cardio machine at the back of the room to spend time on – a stair master, 2 treadmills, 2 bikes and a rower. 

The final pod was circuits – think box jumps, toe taps on the bench, burpees as a group. 

The emphasis wasn’t so much on technique than it was on speed, power and completing the workout so it’s not deemed too slow or intimidating to beginners.

The classes at Carney’s Community in Battersea are done in a similar format, but you’ll be skipping instead of going on the cardio machines. Personally I found classes at Fitzroy Lodge more challenging, but Battersea was equally enjoyable – the gym was much bigger and less stuffy.

This might not be the sleekest of all places as the amenities are rather basic (see below – remember to bring your own towel if you’re a sweaty one), but the best workouts aren’t about aesthetics afterall.

Sweat index: 10

Classes: Boxing Blitz (large group) and Boxygen (small group)

Price: £12.50 for a single class, packages and passes available.

Amenities: Very basic facilities. Bring your own sweat towel and shower towel if you need a quick wash after class.

Address: Fitzroy Lodge: 180 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7JY

Battersea Carney’s Community: 30 Petworth Street, London, SW11 4QW

Website: https://www.powerofboxing.com/

Instagram: @powerofboxing


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