Studio Fitness | Central, Hong Kong

You can’t miss Studio Fitness if you’re in town – conveniently located in Central, it’s a hop and skip away from Lan Kwai Fong. They’re infamous for getting you “jacked”. While the branding may deter some (get JACKED, get RIPPED and CUT FAT are their classes and the studio is not short of reminders to take everything to the EXTREME and get SHREDDED), I found the staff to be very friendly and workout itself fun.

Cut Fat

I did their Cut Fat cardio/HIIT class, think high rep and sets without rest. We were taken through a series of EMOM, AMRAP and pyramid circuits before a you-go-I-go group finisher. The majority of the workout happens within your pod, which has a bench and a rack. If you start on the bench, you’ll switch onto the rack for the following round and vice versa. It was a toughie – lots of full body plyometric moves and rest was minimal.

Get Ripped 

Get Ripped is one of their strength classes, alternating between muscle groups throughout the week and working the whole body on weekends. Think medium weight and reps and supersets to get the heart rate up.

Get Jacked

Get Jacked is their ultimate strength class, low rep and more rest between sets.


This class focuses on core super circuits. They claim to reduce abdominal fat but as we all know… spot reduction is a myth. But if you’re looking to increase core strength, this one’s for you.

First class is free, so if you’re visiting it would be silly not to give this place a go!


Sweat index: 10 (Cut Fat)

Classes: Get Ripped, Get Jacked, Cut Fat and Hardcore

Price: Free first class for first timers, 1 week unlimited classes for $799.

Amenities: Lockers, showers, towels, toiletries and hair dryers provided.

Address: 2/F, World Wide Commercial Building, 34 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


Instagram: @studiofitnesshk

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