High Studios | Weesperstraat, Amsterdam

Experience a different kind of high when you’re in Amsterdam at high studios. The endorphins from this sleek functional fitness studio will leave you wanting more.

The workout itself is well thought out, you’ll find yourself rotating between 3 stations – skillmills, plyoboxes and weights – in 45 minutes. Those who aren’t familiar with the skillmill – fear not – the induction is thorough and will make sure you know which setting you should be on for different sections of the workout (e.g. sled pushes vs sprints). What’s great about it is that it’s entirely powered by you, so it’s a lot tougher than running on a treadmill.

The studio is sleek and luxurious, they provide towels, toiletries and lockers; but there are no individual showers or cubicles here – just one communal space with a few shower heads.

The shakes are only 3.50€ so remember to order one before the class!

Sweat index: 8-9

Classes: Core, lower body, upper body, full body, runner’s high

Price: First class for 9€

Amenities: Lockers, towels, toiletries and hairdryers provided.


Website: http://highstudios.com

Instagram: @highstudios


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