Rocycle | Jordaan, Amsterdam

Fancy a detox from your messy weekend in Amsterdam? Look no further. The soul-cycle inspired party on a bike will guarantee a good sweat while you sing along to the songs you threw shapes to the night before.

No surprises for the ride itself – your usual riding to the beat, tap backs, push ups and holds. There was a slightly odd move where the trainer asked us to put our towels around the bike and hold on to it instead of the handle bar though. I can already picture the cyclists frowning at the thought of it – it was pretty unnecessary. I also get annoyed at bikes with resistance dials that don’t seem to stop because I can’t gage what the base resistance is. I had to double what the trainer asked everyone to do because my legs were still going too fast. The rides were good nonetheless, I went on a Thursday evening and Saturday morning, and both were equally packed with lots of energy in the room.

The smoothie bar served some good cold-pressed smoothies, but they were pretty steep – smoothies start from 6.50€.

You don’t need to know Dutch to come here – everything is in English, so it feels like home away from home. The staff is lovely and will leave you wishing you looked a little bit like them, cool and trendy being in the Jordaan district and all. They also have a new studio in the south of Amsterdam.

All toiletries and cycling cleats are provided here, so you can pack light for your easyJet carry on.

Sweat index: 8-9

Classes: 45 min/60 min rides, themed rides

Price: First class for 9€ or first two rides for 18€

Amenities: Cycling cleats, lockers, towels, toiletries and hairdryers provided.

Address: City Centre – Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat 12
1016 XP Amsterdam

Zuidas – Gustav Mahlerlaan 700
1082 MX Amsterdam


Instagram: @rocyclestudios

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