Clip n Climb | Chelsea, London

Experienced climbers, this probably isn’t for you. Clip n Climb is a different kind of climbing arena that offers a bit of different fun for kids and adults alike. Safely strapped onto safety harnesses, you’ll find yourself climbing neon lit and different themed walls.

Each session is 90 minutes long (they also offer adult-only sessions if you can’t stand children) with a full safety induction and 55 minutes of climbing in the arena.

They also offer some interesting attractions for an additional fee – the vertical drop (you get into a protective suit, lie down onto the track, get dropped down vertically), the trapeze (you climb up to the platform and jump onto a trapeze – you can adjust how far you want to jump) amongst others.

This is a different kind of rest day shake out, a girly day out or date idea. They also own Chel-ski next doors – an indoor skiing track that looks ridiculously fun.


Sweat index: 1

Price: £19.50 for a 90 minute session / Available on Classpass

Address: 19 Michael Road, London SW6 2ER


Instagram: @clipnclimb_sw6


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