Gymbox | Victoria, London

Known for its bold branding and provocative advertising, Gymbox is the antidote to boring gyms. They’ve got neon lighting and DJs at every gym and one of the most varied class schedules around – from sweat-inducing Trilactic and Threshold, to testing your strength with Strongman and 1 rep max, to Pole tricks, Namaslay and CircusFit, it’s got it all.

Gymbox Victoria recently expanded to two separate studios – one dedicated to classes and another as a new gym floor. The gym has everything you could possibly need – sled track, tyres, ski ergs, massive rig, multiple squat racks, woodway treadmills, the latest Technogym rowers, lots of boxing bags and a snazzy boxing ring.

I joined on a corporate rate with work for convenience (it’s in my office’s basement!), but compared to the Farringdon gym I found it to be lacking. Although they do have an extensive class schedule, it’s almost impossible to book into. Booking opens at 7am each day for the following day’s classes and most spots are gone by 7:05. You also pay extra for towels – even though that now comes as standard for London gyms.

All in all they have interesting classes and great equipment, but slightly lacking when it comes to operations and booking into classes.


Amenities: Lockers (bring your own padlock), toiletries (shampoo, conditioner and body wash) and hairdryers provided. Towels available as additional option in membership.

Address: 123 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6DE


Instagram: @gymboxofficial

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