Midtown | Place des Victoires, Paris

Some sources would have you believe the French don’t like the concept of HIIT, but an encounter with Midtown Studio will have you think otherwise…

Best described as a boutique bootcamp, Midtown is a slick and well-equipped. Expect a workout of weights, kettlebells, sandbags, TRX, battle ropes and for that ensured cardio blast, skillmills. 
The 45 minute session begins as a warm-up on the studios 25 meter track, after which the 12-person group is divided into pairs. Then comes a series of 3-6 minute rounds with each pair working as a team to reach a given target. For example, one 6 minute round incorporates battle-ropes and a 1km skillmill run broken into 100m sprints, with your partner slamming the ropes until you’ve complete your run, and vice versa. Another round combines 100 shared burpees and battleropes. Seemingly they have a thing about the number 100… At the end of each round you’re given a 60-90 second break whilst the trainer explains what’s up next.
As you might expect the whole studio is typically French, read: stylish. The changing rooms are immaculately beautiful, stocked with Rituals products, and Liife cafe have an on site juice & shake bar.
Manu and his team were great at making sure we felt at home and pushed us hard.
Classes: Original B (50% strength / 50% cardio) and Rumble (boxing – just you and the bag)
Sweat Index: 10
Price: First class for 15€, 30€ for a single class
Amenities: Showers, towels, toiletries, hairdryers, iron, ironing board
Champs-Elysees studio: 21 rue de Bassano, Paris 16
Place des Victoires studio: 21 rue Hérold, Paris 1
Instagram: @bootcampmidtown

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