Sweat It | Aldwych, London

Sweat It is the newest studio with classes incorporating strength training with running blocks on the treadmill, with a focus on the rig as you’ll see #respecttherig plastered all over their website, Instagram and studio. They’ve got a great trainer line up, with Melissa, Jamal and Zack amongst others.

Just like Barry’s Bootcamp, classes focus on a different muscle group each day, your time is split between strength work on the rig and running blocks on the treadmill.

I tried their classes in their opening week and I felt that they were still finding their feet at the time – the timetable wasn’t quite ironed out, I wasn’t sure if the focus on the rig was quite worth the hype as it wasn’t used much at the time, and the treadmills didn’t quite compare to other studios. However I’d love to give them another go as they do have great trainers and have most recently changed their treadmills to skillmills to make the classes more challenging.


Sweat index: 7-9

Classes: Full body, lower body, upper body, core focused strength and cardio classes

Price: £20 for 3 classes for first timers.

Amenities: Lockers, towels, toiletries and hair dryers provided.

Address:  4 Kean Street WC2B 4AS London

Website: https://sweat-it.com/

Instagram: @sweatitlondon


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