Flykick | Euston, London

Not sure why it took me so long to try Flykick – it’s the full package with mobility, HIIT and kickboxing all in one.

Unlike other non-contact boxing classes, Flykick brings a refreshing style of training – they first take you through a 20 min HIIT circuit before settling into a mid-workout stretch to prep you for the kickboxing finisher. The stretch felt misplaced at first, but it served great purpose for all the kicking straight after.

Although kickboxing/Muay Thai classes are normally quite technical, this scales it down for beginners and gives experienced boxers a refresher course on drills. I liked that the instructor took time to demonstrate the punches and kicks not only on the bag, but also on the assistant instructor to show the context of how they would be used in the ring.

As with all kickboxing workouts, no trainers are needed. You can keep your socks on if your pedicure appointment’s not quite soon enough.

The studio itself is conveniently located near the new Facebook/Google offices near Warren Street/Great Portland Street, and is large and airy – although I found the gym itself to be on the smaller side, I was quite wary of space when I was kicking about.

The changing rooms are impeccable and are stocked with lovely Living Proof toiletries (dry shampoo that actually works and smells nice).

The staff are very friendly and so are their offers – they give you a pair of your own Flykick gloves to keep with their intro offer of 3 classes for £27. No more smelly hands after class!


Sweat index: 10

Classes: Flykick Signature

Price: £27 for 3 classes, includes gloves

Amenities: Towels, toiletries and hair dryers provided.

Address: 350 Euston Rd, London NW1 3AX


Instagram: @flykick

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