Local Motion Movement | Wandsworth, London

I’ve got to warn you with this one… the gym is hidden in Planet Organic in Wandsworth, so be prepared to rinse your bank account on matchas and snacks on your way in and out of your class at Local Motion Movement.

This is a small studio with a range of mobility and strength classes, as well as PT sessions.

I went to their Tribe metcon class – a small circuit class. In all honesty, I wouldn’t call this a metcon class as it didn’t feel like one. It focused more on mobility and gymnastics movements rather than conditioning.

I can imagine their gymnastics classes would be great though – they are very attentive and take form very seriously.

Sweat index: 6

Classes: Gymnastics, yoga, metcon and PT

Price: Unlimited monthly classes for £50, also available on Classpass and Esquared Fitness

Amenities: Come ready in your gym kit, facilities are slightly limited here!

Address: Planet Organic, 52 Garratt Ln, London SW18 4FT

Website: http://www.localmotionlondon.com/

Instagram: @lmotionstudios

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