The Engine Room | Warren Street, London

Because what else revs up the engine like rowing does?

The Engine Room is an indoor rowing and personal training studio hidden away in a church right by Regent’s Park that guarantees sore legs and lots of sweat.

They offer classes like Beats, a combination of rowing to the beat and strength work, and Endurance, pure torturous but extremely rewarding rowing.

Their full suite of TechnoGym rowers sets them apart from other rowing classes. They tell you to row not according to pace, but to a percentage of your average power output, which you’ll need to link your phone and rower up for. Make sure you download their app and set your account up before the class so you can sync your rower up to the class and record your rowing stats accurately.

Sometimes they might even finish the class with a team finisher, rowing as a team in your “boat” (people in front and behind your rower), mimicking actual conditions on the water.

The studio decor is slick and club lights make you focus on one thing and one things only – not falling off the rower because your legs can’t push anymore!

Sweat index: 10

Classes: Beats, Endurance, HIIT row and PT

Price: 2 weeks unlimited for £39, also available on Classpass and Esquared Fitness

Amenities: Showers, lockers, towels, hair dryers and toiletries

Address: St Bedes Hall, London (just off Albany St)


Instagram: @engineroom_ldn

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